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Welcome to our New Comienzos Basecamp: Elevating Dreams, Hopes, and Futures Through Digital Tools!

Discover the transformative power of digital tools in turning your dreams into reality. Acquire essential skills to confidently navigate the digital world, apply for grants from international organizations, and much more. Connect with a community that shares your aspirations and goals. Foster a future filled with new opportunities.

Save the Date: Our Basecamp adventure kicks off January 13th-14th, 2024!

Let's Elevate Together: New Comienzos is committed to empowering our community, and our Basecamp is another step in that journey. Share your thoughts, expectations, and what you hope to gain from the Basecamp.

Use the hashtag #NCBasecamp to connect with others on this digital adventure.

Get ready for an inspiring and empowering experience! Register Here:

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