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Nuestra Comunidad Binacional

Puedes voluntariarte desde dando like, comentando o compartiendo nuestras redes sociales hasta voluntariado en nuestras oficinas en la CDMX. También puedes representar a New Comienzos en tu estado para así poder apoyar a mas dreamers, personas repatriadas y familias binacionales en situación de emergencia.  Somos una comunidad binacional que se apoya entre si.

Dream Teach Mauricio Lopez

North Carolina

Mauricio is a returning DACA recipient, he lived in the US for 20 years, before tearing up his DACA, breaking out of the golden cage with his mother. After returning, within 3 months he found New Comienzos, in a call center, he then began his journey to become the founding teacher of Dream Teach. Since then, he's created his a path to success, not just for himself, but for all returning migrants with the dream of becoming something more in the country they were born.

Sabas  Torres Joven Deportado

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Israel Concha

Vivio en Texas

Israel Concha vivió como indocumentado en Estados Unidos toda su vida, aun así terminó su carrera de administración de Empresas y después formo una empresa de transportación en Texas. Israel empleaba a 8 ciudadanos americanos en el área de shuttles, limosinas, taxis y servicio de conserjería.......

Olimpya Ceja


Olimpya es una joven binacional quien emigro a Estados Unidos a los 3 años de edad y regreso a México a los 14 años después de vivir y estudiar en California. Ahora es voluntaria en New Comienzos y hace todo lo posible para ayudar a las personas repatriadas en situaciones de emergencia. Olimpya es un ejemplo a seguir ya es un símbolo de perseverancia, compasión y ganas de seguir adelante en México.

Jessica Orta

Joven Binacional

Little L.A.

en la CDMX

#LittleLA es un área ubicada a cinco cuadras alrededor del Monumento a la Revolución en la Ciudad de México donde existe una nueva comunidad binacional conformada por dreamers, personas repatriadas y familias binacionales donde intentan comenzar una nueva vida en el país que los vio nacer. "We are creating our own opportunities as a binational community" - Israel Concha

Jeimmy Leyva


Jeimmy es una joven de 22 años quien creció en Estados Unidos y al volverse adolescente regreso a México con su familia. Batallo varios años para adaptarse a la vida en México pero afortunadamente pudo seguir adelante. Ahora Jeimmy es Directora de Voluntarios en New Comienzos y ayuda a nuestros niñ@s binacionales a combatir el bullying.

Fredy Clorio

Migrante con Familia en E.U.

Hi, I’m Chico. My mom and dad brought me to the US on a tourist visa when I was 4 and we overstayed our visa making me undocumented. I got wrapped up in the wrong things and bad influences as a youth and when I was 27 I was arrested under various charges. After spending 5 years in prison at the age of 32 I was deported back to Mexico. It has been a struggle, but with the help of various people and organizations, I have begun a different path.  I learning computer programming and have a strong desire to build a new life here in Mexico.

Hi, my name Jessica.  I am 17 years old. I live in CDMX.  I returned to Mexico after living in the USA for 11 years when my mom was deported.  I was born in AK and grew up in a town called Rodgers. It was really hard for me to integrate into Mexican society.  I was bullied in school because I did not speak Spanish and was different. I actually stopped going to school because it was so hard for me.  Now I am studying my high school online and hoping to continue my university education.




Luisa Maria


Directora de Voluntarios

I immigrated to the USA in 2005 because I needed to save money for my university degree in Mexico.  I was studying engineering and needed extra money to pay school fees. After being in the USA for a period of time I lost track of the desire to return to Mexico.  I got married, had children and found a good job. Unfortunately, I was detained after receiving a traffic ticket and deported two weeks later to weeks later. I am now back in CDMX working at a call center and about to begin training as software engineering.

Jean Cristo

Dreamer en


Hi, my name is Johnny.  I was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the US on a tourist visa when I was young.  After overstaying my visa and living 14 years in the US I was detained for gang-related activity.  After spending three years in a detention center I was deported to El Salvador. Because of my visible tattoos, I am a target for police and organized crime.  I fear for my life and because of this, I have chosen to immigrate to Mexico. In Mexico, I have found various organizations and people that want to help me start a new life.

Luisa, spent the majority of her life in Chicago, Illinois. Daughter of a single mother, and the eldest of three, she made the decision at the age of 18 to leave her entire world behind, in pursuit of a college education. Since then she's come a long way, from having barely understandable Spanish, to going into two different careers, and volunteering in a number of different organizations. Her passion has always been helping others, in New Comienzos she finally found a way to help people in the same circumstances she had been in.

Hi I’m  Jean. I went to the USA when I was 3 years old.  I entered Texas with my mom and my uncle illegally and later moved to Chicago where I lived for 12 years.  In Chicago I went to primary and secondary school and then later returned to Mexico with my mom to be with my ill grandmother. I finished high school in Mexico even though it was difficult.  My mom helped me learn Spanish and become more comfortable in my own country. In high school fellt like I didn’t belong because I had grown up in the USA. I am now working as a paralegal in an immigration law firm and have hopes of studying in The future.

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Plaza de la República

Centro Histórico, CDMX​


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